How does delivery and shipping work on Bevv?

We partnered with UPS and 2 local on-demand delivery companies (UPS portfolio companies) that handle the carrier service. There are a couple of ways that we/you (us) can handle the shipping side of UPS.

  1. You can be put on UPS Smart Pickup and we have built that into our system
  2. You can drop the orders off yourself at the UPS store of your choice
  3. A hybrid of both of the above

You will receive a notification when an order is placed via SMS and email. Both links contain the order details and the label. You simply package the product(s) and print up the label and get it ready either for pickup or delivery by UPS. If you choose the pickup option, UPS will walk into your facility and exit with the packaged products.

With regard to on-demand orders, the driver will come into the taproom (like any other client of yours), show a receipt, and you simply hand them the order: growlers, cans, bottles, 5-gallons, etc. They then drop the product off at the consumer’s location and do all the security/compliance checks.

UPS does not operate on weekends. If an order is placed after the last pickup on Friday the earliest it can go out is Monday. The same goes for 1-day overnight and 2-day. This is not Bevv's decision and falls on UPS.

On-demand delivery is offered on weekends for local, on-demand beer and cider delivery.