How to add or delete a product on Bevv?

To add a product, login to your vendor dashboard with your email and password: and next scroll to the bottom and click on vendor login after you have logged in. (The first login is your consumer account if you want to order from your peers.)

  • Once logged in - if you aren't taken to your vendor page, scroll to the bottom of the site and click the word vendor login (voila!).
  • Click on the upper left where it says 'Product'.
  • Click on the upper right where it says 'Add'.
  • Follow the steps!

NOTE (on the product description page) - You MUST choose beer, cider, or swag or you will not be able to add variants - if forget to and can't add variants, delete the product and start over.

NOTE 2 (on the product description page) - You must add a date to the product. If it is available make it yesterday or even today.

The video tutorial to add/delete a product is below:

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