Adding minimum order quantity to your store?

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Some may want to set a minimum quantity or each purchase to justify the packing.

This is very simple. Let's say you sell 22oz bottles and you want to set the minimum to 2 bottles per order. Simply set the package amount to 2 and the container to 22oz bottles.

Make sure you set your stock to represent your inventory. Example: you have a total of 50 bottles in stock but your MOQ is 2. You would set your stock level to 25. (25 orders x 2 bottles)

Remember in the example above, if someone orders a quantity of 2 they are expecting 4 bottles.

The same scenario works with anything. If you want to set an MOQ on 4pk cans and want to make the minimum order quantity 4. You would set the package to 16 and the amount to 4pk 16oz cans. A consumer putting 1 quantity in their cart through checkout would then expect 4 4pks or 16 cans.

Explainer below: