What is Bevv e-commerce and Bevv marketplace? What is the difference?

When you register for Bevv you get both the Bevv e-commerce solution that allows you to sell directly from your website. You can sell beer, cider, mead, swag, and all variants.

You also get a second storefront on Bevv's marketplace. This allows for consumers that don't/won't go to your website directly to purchase your products from the Bevv master marketplace. We only list your alcohol products on the master marketplace as a discovery engine for consumers to find new and existing products without having to go to a specific vendor's website. You will get a storefront on Bevv as well as ALL of your products intermingled and searchable by type, name, brand, and a lot more come.

Bevv E-commerce Walkthrough

Bevv Marketplace Solution and Product Display Walkthrough